Gummies are first chewed in mouth, where they get mixed with saliva, and then disintegration of fiber takes place in the mouth. Once gummy vitamins reach the stomach, they get dissolved in gastric juices quickly and vitamins are released completely in the intestine for absorption.

So the vitamins, minerals, herbs, have a higher chance of being more bioavailable and bio-absorbed through gummy delivery format. Pectin based gummies are fully digestible and absorbed without any residue/side effects.

Calcium is absorbed more when taken in smaller doses, at regular intervals, making the gummies highly effective.


Unlike other gummies that are made with gelatin, our healhy gummies are made with pectin a fibre found in fruits and vegetable peels making them vegan.

Tricalcium Phosphate

Unlike other calcium gummies in the market excel pop gummies use tricalcium phosphate which provides high bio availability of calcium when it reaches the stomach and is digested readily.


Cholesterol in the skin is converted to pre-vitamin-D under presence of sunlight.The pre-vitamin-D is further converted to active vitamin D in liver and kidney.Excel pop gummies directly provide pre-vitamin D. Thus people using excelpop gummies don’t require sunlight for the production of Vitamin D.

Excel Pop Gummies Helps

  • Maintain Calcium Intake

  • People with lactose intolerance

  • Maintain Bones Health

  • Prevent Fractures

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